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GAVASTO Pods & Grounds Single-Serve Coffee Maker

* Over Iced and Hot Coffee Maker

* Brew With Pods Or Grounds

* Brew Single Cup Perfect Coffee in Just 3 Minutes

* Multi-Cup Size Available & Removable 40-oz Water Reservoir

* Easy Descaling Reminder

* Usage Tips: ①Use ONLY with US standard voltage 110V-120V; ②Fill the reservoir with enough water before brewing; ③For initial use, brew a cycle with water only, no coffee, to clean the single serve coffee maker; This will help clean the coffee maker and better extract the essence of the coffee


Gavasto Immersion Blender, 800 Watts, Scratch Resistant, 5-in-1 Hand Mixer

* Scratch resisitant blade guard design

* Distinctive 4-prong Titanium steel blades

* 20 Speeds and a separate Turbo Button

* Milk frother, egg beater, food processor and mixing cup are all included

* 800 Watts powerful motor


Gavasto Countertop Blender, 1800 Watt, 68 Oz. Pitcher Heavy Duty Blender

* Upgraded 6-prong Titanium hardened stainless-steel blades

* 1800 Watt high powered motor

* 68 oz large capacity pitcher

* 10 Speeds & 6 preset programs

* Easy to use & easy to clean